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Hey I was trying to install Ubuntu 12.04.4 64 bit with Wubi and I am facing 2 problems

So I downloaded Ubuntu iso and Wubi of same versions

After that I pasted both Ubuntu iso and Wubi in same folder and than started installation on my C: disk and its installed without any error and then I rebooted and when the ubuntu opens it's showing a error that "no root filesystem found". So thats my first problem.

Now I am gonna talk about my 2nd problem. In this I tried to install Ubuntu with Wubi in other hard disk partitions like D: F: and while I was installing through wubi its gives me error that is given below

Error executing command

command=C:\Windows\System32\bcdedit.exe /set {8bad8de1-974c-11e3-9803-d1f0e415df87} device partition=E:


stderr=An error has occurred setting the element data.

The request is not supported.

Plz help me

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