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I have some hidden files on my desktop the "Ctrl+H" kind of hidden files. But I'm not satisfied with the security in the process. Anyone whose had much experience with Ubuntu will surely know to press Crtl+H to see your files, which is surely a problem.

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What exactly do you want to do? That kind of hidden file, those whose name starts with . are not a security feature in any way, ls -a will always show them. Do you want to create a directory that is only visible to you? Do you want to make the files unreadable to others? Are you aware of File Permissions? Please edit your question and clarify these points. –  terdon Mar 28 '14 at 0:38

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Not sure what you are asking, but if security is your concern, then you should use something like Truecrypt to encrypt your files in a container, and it would require a password to mount the container and access the files. More info here:

Even Ubuntu has home folder encryption per user. Here's an example guide to that

Be careful encrypting files, because once you forget the password you lose access to the files completely.

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