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I'm an Ubuntu newbie, which I'm sure the forum is not thrilled to ever hear as an opener. But after some setups are done, I think many of my Ubuntu questions can be answered by past threads. The online community for Ubuntu is rich, and that's one of the reasons I was attracted to it in the first place.

I'm a journalist and have an enormous amount of work backed up on a Seagate FreeAgent Desk 0.1. I want to use it to transfer my carefully built filing system from my old Dell Latitude E6400 to my new Lenovo ThinkPad running Ubuntu 13.10. My hope is to use the (pricey) FreeAgent to transfer my files from the Latitude and continue using the FreeAgent as a backup with the Lenovo. (I have a second, lesser-quality backup that nonetheless served me decently as a second backup, but only as a second backup. And, of course, there's the Latitude itself, but my work on it will more-or-less cease accumulating.)

The FreeAgent is plugged into the Lenovo through a docking station USB, and most of the files appeared to have transferred okay, although my aforementioned careful (and I mean careful) filing system was thrown into utter chaos, which is deeply frustrating for anyone who accumulates PDFs and CSVs in large quantities. I also tested dragging and dropping simple PDFs from my Ubuntu desktop to the FreeAgent (PDFs were created with simple Print-to-File), and the FreeAgent did not like that very much, although it did seem tolerate a Libre Writer doc dragged into the FreeAgent window from the desktop.

Any thoughts on this? I've had success navigating workarounds to get my external monitor and printer both operable on Ubuntu. If I can get this last step completed of moving a ton of work to my new machine, I think I can patiently tackle the rest of Ubuntu by reading previous threads and keeping plenty of user manuals around. But to an editor on deadline, "I'm learning Ubuntu" pretty much translates to "a Yorkie devoured my homework." Needless to say, I'm under some time constraints here and doing the best I can.

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