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I would like to know if the usb device name is randomly allotted at every reboot in an eeepc netbook with Ubuntu(hardy heron).

What bugs me is that while I transmit some serial data over say ttyUSB0, suddenly the device loses its name and my "dmesg" shows the name to be altered to say ttyUSB1.

I s this a bug in ubuntu? Or can it be manually "fixed"- as in a particular usb port can be mapped to a particular name.

Any help?

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Hardy Heron is a very old ubuntu distribution, 8.04 that means April 2008. So very few people can have an installation to test your problem. Btw, why are you using hardy? – enzotib May 20 '11 at 5:59

Assuming your using the Desktop version of Hardy, the product your using has reached its End of Life already. Please reference Release Table here. It reached EOL on May 12'th of this year.

Regarding the USB device naming, thats odd that it would randomly stop communicating and reassign the device name. lsusb is another command line utility you can use to grab the device information. Did the hardware address change?

If this is occurring often, I would say that its one of three things,The device was disturbed during operation, and the system had that Address locked into the phantom USB device, so it assigned it a new slot. Possible hardware failure (not likely), you have a wonky kernel module thats acting up. My suggestion, upgrade to a maintained version of Ubuntu, and give it a go. I have a eeepc that has no such USB issues.

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