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My server /dev/sda1 disk full

root@server:/var/www# df 
Filesystem 1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on 
/dev/sda1   48060296  45653236         0 100% / 
udev         8055724        12   8055712   1% /dev 
tmpfs        3225816      1140   3224676   1% /run 
none            5120         0      5120   0% /run/lock 
none         8064536       144   8064392   1% /run/shm 
/dev/sda3  908566268 580691288 281722432  68% /home

Previously when I perform apt-get autoclean & clean I can solve the issue by clear some space. But this time it's not working.

I wish to know which directory under /dev/sda1 but I couldn't check on it. How should I do? Which directory I should look into it and delete those folder?

Having /dev/sda1 full has jammed up MySQL.


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Please use this answer as a last resort due to the likelyhood that you already done this.

Try clear out any old kernels with sudo apt-get autoremove then check your disk usage again.

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Looks like your root filesystem is full (a bit hard to read the output of df - try use df -BM for the disk usage in megabytes rather than bytes). The root filesystem is mounted on /dev/sda1 which refers to a physical device - in this case a hard disk. Directories under / which can take up space are /var and /tmp (and others) - /tmp should clear on a reboot but log files in /var can occupy space

try du -sh /directory_name to get the size of each directory to see which is taking up most space

For example du -sh /var

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