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I have a VMDK disk image that exists as multiple files:

2.0G guest-s001.vmdk  1.8G guest-s003.vmdk  128K guest-s005.vmdk
2.0G guest-s002.vmdk  1.7G guest-s004.vmdk  4.0K guest.vmdk

When running qemu-img to convert it to the qcow2 format, which input filename(s) should I specify? Just guest.vmdk, all of them, or something like guest-*.vmdk?

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In the past, I've had to convert them first to raw images, concatenate them together, and then convert the resulting raw image to qcow2:

qemu-img convert guest-s001.vmdk guest-s0001.raw
qemu-img convert guest-s002.vmdk guest-s0002.raw
qemu-img convert guest-s003.vmdk guest-s0003.raw
qemu-img convert guest-s004.vmdk guest-s0004.raw
qemu-img convert guest-s005.vmdk guest-s0005.raw
cat guest-s0001.raw guest-s0002.raw guest-s0003.raw guest-s0004.raw guest-s0005.raw > guest.raw
qemu-img convert guest.raw guest.qcow2

It may be possible to do this all at once too, but I haven't tried this:

qemu-img convert guest-s001.vmdk guest-s002.vmdk guest-s003.vmdk guest-s004.vmdk guest-s005.vmdk guest.qcow2

Or, if they're not actually contiguous disk images, then I'm not sure what to suggest. :)

Good luck!

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qemu-img convert guest-s001.vmdk guest-s002.vmdk guest-s003.vmdk guest-s004.vmdk guest-s005.vmdk guest.qcow2 this method is possible, quick, comfortable !!!! Thank you :) –  Ubuntu Master Jan 16 '11 at 13:17
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I'm trying this to convert to raw:

find . -type f -iname <guest-name>\*-f0\*vmdk -exec qemu-img convert {} {}.raw \;

Then to catenate:

cat <guest-name>*-f0[0-1][1-9]*raw >> <guest-name>.raw

Then to convert:

qemu-img convert <guest-name>.raw -O qcow2 <guest-name>.qcow2
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Wow that screwed up anything inside greater than or less than signs. :( Don't bother using it. –  user9684 Jan 27 '11 at 0:48
I've edited your post so it shows up correctly. Here's the explanation. –  ændrük Jan 27 '11 at 16:41
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