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I really like the disk encryption to secure my funds, but my problem is I practically never have my computer off. I live a very busy life and shutting it down totally every night is entirely impractical, so at most I typically suspend/lock it. I have my suspicions that this lock screen does very little against an attacker that might have the computer in their hands. Am I right? Is having disk encryption pointless if I never turn off my computer? Is there any software that can enable lock-screen encryption?

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I'm pretty sure it is pointless to have disk encryption if you never turn the computer off. I could be wrong though.

But if you never turn it off, it will never boot to the screen that unencrypts your hard drive. So it is pretty much always unencrypted.

Do you have a /home partition that is encrypted? If so, if someone were to steal it, they would not have access to all the files in your user account, so therefore, if it requires your user password, it would be safe.

So in short, if just your hard disk is encrypted, yes it is pointless. If you have a separate /home partition, you should be ok if that is encrypted because they cannot access those files.

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I do indeed have my /home partition encrypted. My concern was if someone had my computer and it was at lock screen, could they not use some simple exploit to get around the password? Encrypted home folder wouldn't matter in that case, would it? – user262494 Mar 27 '14 at 6:42

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