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I have 8 partitions on my computer. 2 Of them are being used by Windows and one is being used by Ubuntu. I may soon remove Ubuntu, however I have no idea what the swap partition is for Ubuntu. I just would like to know what partitions are being used by Windows and which ones are being used by Ubuntu. One is OS(C:) and that is the one with Windows 8. I then have Data(D:) which is what I use as a secondary drive for Windows. Both are NTFS. There is also just (F:) which I believe is my Ubuntu partition using a RAW file system. There are now 5 unnamed partitions with no file system that are labeled 300 MB EFI System Partition, 600 MB Recovery Partition, 7.45 GB Primary Partition, 350 MB Recovery Partition, and a 20.01 GB Recovery Partition.

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If you want a simple way to identify the partitions in your case:

  1. Start windows.
  2. Right click my computer and choose manage.
  3. Go to storage and see which partitions there and you can easily see what partitions used by windows and which are not. If you are not sure, look for partitions that have no file system (Windows will have NTFS).

Important: If you have decided to remove the partitions, read this: Before removing the partions, be sure that you have your winsows 8 dvd to repair the MBR after rebooting, because Ubuntu have replaced it when you installed it.

To fix the MBR from Windows Club website:

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