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I'm curious, is it possible to be logged on to my windows 7 partition, then from there also use Ubuntu alongside Windows 7, say through a window or something along those lines? Because I have all of my things I need on Windows such as Microsoft Word, iTunes, etc. However, I need to do processes in Ubuntu which can take hours to complete. Basically, I would like to be able to do things in Windows while sort of running Ubuntu in the background. I've already dual booted my machine and everything runs properly.

I would want to do this with my computer as is, without creating a virtual machine.

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No, to the best of my knowledge that is not possible without creating a virtual machine. There would need to be something like a hypervisor in the bios. You could certainly (theoretically) create such a hypervisor (perhaps, even into the bios), but it isn't available on commodity hardware and that would necessitate a virtual machine.

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I don't think so, it is possible to read your Linux partition under Windows through a software but I don't think you can do what want except by using virtualization and this case, you have Ubuntu in virtual machine before.

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