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hi friends i am having a problem whenever i try to play videos on you tube or any other site i always get an error

adobe flash player is required to display some contents on this page 

but the problem is that i already have adobe flash plugin i downloaded it from software center .

but still it does not works can someone please help me

and when i tried downloading for ubuntu from adobe site it opened software center and a message was there:

There isn’t a software package called “adobe-flashplugin” in your current software sources
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Did you enable a 'partner' repository? –  Danatela Mar 26 at 5:39
how to do that i dont hink so i did –  Ashwin Sekhari Mar 26 at 5:41
Run sudo software-properties-gtk, select "Other Software" tab, tick "Canonical Partners", run sudo apt-get update. –  Danatela Mar 26 at 5:46
i did that but when i closed other software it asked to update cache so its doing that now .its downloading some packages –  Ashwin Sekhari Mar 26 at 5:51

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