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The last time I typed anything into a computer "command line" was on a Commodore 386. BASIC . I am trying to understand how an install should work. I found software to mount a Joystick. I double clicked everyone down the list and only got one thing? The package reads that I need four things that should be there but...

The following utilities are provided to calibrate and test joysticks:

  • ffcfstress, ffmvforce, fftest – test force-feedback devices
  • ffset – set force-feedback device parameters
  • jscal – calibrate joystick devices, reconfigure the axes and buttons
  • jscal-store, jscal-restore – store and retrieve joystick device settings as configured using jscal
  • jstest – test joystick devices <<< this is the only one to show up in the start menu!

When I look them up I have several Binary Docs but have no idea how to get them in the command line.

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Try learn from this site‎ – Liso Mar 26 '14 at 3:19
I'm afraid this type of question is not a good fit here. You could try the link in the comment above or any of the many guides and howtos you can find online, any of them will be applicable to Ubuntu, even if they're for another Linux or even Unix. You might want to have a look through our help center to get a better understanding of how this site works but, briefly, we deal with specific problems that can have a technical solution. – terdon Mar 26 '14 at 4:42
I was getting to a specific problem. Thanks. I am a 64 year old that has no intrest in relearning. I just wanted a few brushups and hints. I found the sugestions below vary helpful. Help center not so much! Thanks. – DaveMan1950 Nov 20 '14 at 15:52
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For starters, I would recommend Zedshaw's The Command Line Crash Course. It won't make you an expert, but it will set you off in the right direction with enough so you can find your way around the command line.

A very important skill you must learn is to read a Unix man page. That will get you far.

If later, you want to get into shell scripting, the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide is quite nice.

To help you out with your install, on Ubuntu we prefer to use a package management system to install packages.

Check to see if the package you want is already in the Ubuntu repositories by typing the following in the terminal:

apt-cache search <package_name>

If it exists, you can install it with:

sudo apt-get install <package_name>

That's it. The package manager will handle all the dependencies & download + install everything for you.

If you cannot find the package with apt-cache search, it might have a ppa that you can add.

If there isn't one, try looking for an package online with a .deb extension. Then, either double click the package or type the following in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb

As a last resort, if there aren't any pre packaged binaries available for Ubuntu(highly unlikely) you can try compiling from source.

Happy Hacking!

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