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When I boot the Ubuntu installer from a CD, the graphics are really bad. I barely can read the words. Also after booting the CD, it isn't opening a installer but something like demo Ubuntu (again with terrible graphics). My video card is nvidia and the driver can be old, but the graphics shouldn't be so bad (the colours are strange and the quality is terrible).

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It would be better if you post some screenshots.. –  Saurav Kumar Mar 25 at 21:47
I didn't finish the installation and i am writing from windows. –  user262058 Mar 25 at 21:50
Try one more time and in between take the screenshots and post it here.. :) –  Saurav Kumar Mar 25 at 21:50
also - what make and model is the computer, I recently had a computer that had messed up graphics on the live cd that installed just fine (if a laptop try switching the video output with a key combo like fn+f8 until the screen is usable, usually has a little screen picture) –  Mateo_ Mar 26 at 16:37

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