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I just wanted to ask if there was a way to hide the taskbar when running VirtualBox in seamless mode. I only want it to run Photoshop and occasionally MS Office, I don't need the start bar getting in the way, taking up valuable screen real-estate.

I have set it to autohide, but that it can be a bit glitchy, for example, sometimes if I swap window the taskbar will then stay up until I go back to the Windows program and then leave again. That and it can be irritating when I just want to click on something near the bottom of the screen and it pops up.

Edit: I just had an idea as to how to the solve this but the site won't let me answer my own question with 8 hours of posing it, but here's the answer I came up with anyway.

I realised I was going about it in the wrong way; looking at the problem as an Ubuntu problem or a VirtualBox problem, then I realised it was really a Windows problem, since you can't remove the taskbar in Windows. Then I had an idea. I found a program that changes the delay for autohide so it's so long that I never trigger it accidentally.

In case any one has the same problem, the program is Taskbar Activate, located here: It's not designed for the new Windows OSes but with a bit of tweaking it works. I unticked the “Get back the bar in the background when it is no more in use” under the "Activation" tab in the setting dialogue and then everything seemed to work.

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Does this answer help any any way?… – fossfreedom May 19 '11 at 17:10
Ah thanks, that does actually. It doesn't solve the problem I asked about but it's one I had regardless. – Ben Elgar May 19 '11 at 17:26
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