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OK, the situation is the following: I have a new Lenovo IdeaPad S4OO Touch with Windows 8 pre-installed and I want to Install Xubuntu in EFI mode alongside Windows 8. I've searched a lot about it in the internet but nothing answered my questions. I am completely lost with it.

Well, if I put my bootable USB (I will install with a bootable USB with Xubuntu) and boot in EFI mode (Secure Boot and Fast Boot turned off) the grub 2 screen appears and show me the options for install and try (live USB). The live USB works fine. But, if I choose install, will the installer install and configure grub2-efi fine? I don't want to have a problem like I install normally but either only Windows 8 boots or only Xubuntu boots.

What I want as answer is especifically the following: A good and clear guide to install Xubuntu on my new Laptop alongside Windows 8, both in EFI mode without headaches; and even a problem come, I have a procedure to try to solve it.

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possible duplicate of How to boot Ubuntu from EFI/UEFI? –  Luís de Sousa Mar 25 '14 at 13:21
You're asking for 100% certainty in a world that can't provide it. Even three years ago with a BIOS-only computer, 100% certainty could not be achieved. Today it's worse because there are too many variables. You can read up at sites like the Ubuntu community wiki and my page on EFI-mode installs, but in the end you'll have to either accept some uncertainty or forget about a dual-boot installation. –  Rod Smith Mar 25 '14 at 13:27
OK, I know that there is not a definitive guide to UEFI/EFI problem. But, I'll try to install Xubuntu and see if the installer configure grub2-efi well. –  user3017936 Mar 25 '14 at 13:33

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