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I have a device that records the audio and video using ffmpeg. And I am using Ubuntu 12.04 for that device, but I want to find out if the device is currently recording or if it is in idle state from command line.

Is there any Ubuntu command to find the current status of device?

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You can use lsof -t /dev/video0.

It will return the process which owns the webcam (the first webcam should default to /dev/video0 but if you have more then one you may have a /dev/video1, /dev/video2 and so on).

On idle I got nothing:

sylvain@sylvain-ThinkPad-T430s:~$ lsof -t /dev/video0

If I start a Google Hangout for example:

sylvain@sylvain-ThinkPad-T430s:~$ lsof -t /dev/video0
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