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After activating full screen view for a virtual machine in virt-manager there is no obvious way to un-full screen. Any ideas?

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Alt+F10 or Alt+drag down with your mouse.

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Neither of the existing answers worked for me when running a VM in fullscreen using 12.04.

If you look at the top center of the screen, you can see a little sliver of white. Hover the mouse over that sliver and it will reveal two icons: an "unfullscreen" on the left, and a "send key combo" on the right. You may have to ungrab by pressing Ctrl-Alt momentarily before it will come up. Click the "unfullscreen" to get back to a windowed view.

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When in full screen mode, hit Ctrl+Alt to 'unhinge' the mouse and move the mouse to the top-middle of the screen. A little applet drops down to allow you to leave full screen and send key-combinations.

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It also works on RedHat 6. – Ivan Chau Apr 24 '14 at 3:44

Ctrl+Alt+F Is the toggle switch for the top center menu bar.

If you see no menu bar in the top center after a slight over

Toggle it on with


And try again

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It don't seems there is any keywords set for this action and on Kubuntu 12.04 (KDE 4.9.5), none of given keyboard shortcuts worked for me.

Trick to make the Thin-bar pop-out

If you struggle to make the tiny toolbar pop-out, here is a how to do it :

  1. focus another windows (click it) ;
  2. then hover the thin-toolbar ;
  3. click when it pop-out

If virt-manager has the focus, I can't get the toolbar to show up.


The full-screen issue should be addressed in the coming release as state on the project roadmap :

Proper fullscreen mode -- Currently the VNC fullscreen mode leaves a menu bar at the top of the screen which sucks for numerous reasons. It would be great if we could use the hiding toolbar 'autoshelf' widget in use by apps like eog and vinagre. Not sure how to best integrate it, maybe a port to python?

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If compiz settings include the grid plugin settings, then the white bar doesn't slide down. So what I had to do was use one of the "grid plugin" hotkeys like "<Alt><NumKP3>" to get a smaller window. Then, hovering over the bar allowed me to use the bar to click the button to exit fullscreen.

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I use Fluxbox window manager when dealing with VMs on my workstation. In order to keep things simple, I run one VM per virtual desktop. Now with a Ctrl+Alt to leave vm focus, and a Ctrl+F1 through F12 I can switch desktops. From here I can close things and reopen things as needed. I don't run Compiz.

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Shift + F11 work for me I use spicec

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Had the same problem with osx today. I found out that if you hover the mouse in the top middle of the screen where the white bar is supposed to be, even though it doesn't show up long enough to actually click on it, you can use ctrl+alt+arrow keys to move to other workspaces while the mouse is there.

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I just put the mouse in the top centre to of the screen and a toolbar with exit fullscreen appears. Running fedora 23 with gnome

Hope tis helps.

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