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How do I add the hamster applet in Ubuntu netbook remix? If I start /usr/lib/hamster-applet/hamster-applet -w it works in a window fine. It is written, I should go on the panel and add, but I guess this is not possible in UNR?

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It should be possible with 9.10 (but not with 10.04), but it's a bit tricky to get to the Add to panel-option. Let me cite Paul Larson from this bug report:

This is actually possible to do, although perhaps not as straightforward as many people would like it to be. I was able to just do this on a UNR install by following these steps:

  1. right click on the indicator applet (the icon that looks like an envelope)
  2. deselect "Lock to panel"
  3. right-click on it again and select 'Move'
  4. move it over a bit to the left, thus leaving an open blank area to the right of it
  5. right click in the blank area and select 'add to panel'

I'd like to make this a wishlist item for now, but it could perhaps be converted to a question as well if it is decided not to pursue this as something that could be improved

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thank you, I just tried the unlock option. – Marcel May 19 '11 at 11:52

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