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I usually install many debug packages to know what happened when something crashed. But those debug packages are not removed when I remove the package they belong to, for example if I type

sudo apt-get autoremove gimp

gimp-dbg will not be removed. Could I somehow mark a dbg package to be removed if the respective package is removed, meaning could I mark gimp-dbg to be removed if I remove gimp?

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Generally, -dbg packages should depend on the standard package, so if the standard package is removed, the -dbg package is removed as well. In the case of gimp-dbg, it requires either gimp or libgimp2.0, so if you remove both of these, then the -dbg package will automatically be removed. –  saiarcot895 Mar 23 '14 at 19:25
saiarcot895: Does not seem to be true here, I guess :-(. I tried with multiple packages. –  GEO Mar 23 '14 at 19:29

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