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My desktop machine is running Windows 7, and my laptop is running Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy). I installed xfreerdp on the laptop, and on the desktop I allowed remote access.

I setup port forwarding on my router with port 3389 and the desktop as the host. I checked the port, and it is open. However when I try to access the machine with this command from the Ubuntu terminal, I get an error :

$ xfreerdp -u myUserName -p myPassword
   Error: protocol security negotiation failure.

( is my desktop's IP address)

I'm pretty new to all of this, so don't assume any prior knowledge. I've managed to get from the Windows machine to the Linux machine using SSH via PuTTY, but I can't go the other way.

The impetus for this is I am doing a major home addition, and I will be living at a friends house for a month. However I run a CAD program on the desktop, and I need to be able to design while I'm living in exile.

Thanks in advance for your help

P.S. Nevermind, I guess you can't get into a machine running Windows 7 Home, only Windows 7 Pro, Business, or Enterprise. Maybe Teamviewer?

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God slution for you is to use VNC. Its free and support win and linux. You can view more and download from here. Work fine for me. VNC use port 5900.

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