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I have three storage devices:
⠀/dev/sda/, an SSD with Windows 8 installed on it (NTFS)
⠀/dev/sdb/, an HDD with a single NTFS partition on it that is shared
⠀/dev/sdc/, an SSD with Ubuntu 13.10 installed on it as a single EXT4 partition

About 50% of the time when I reboot, usually to switch the OS, I see the following:

error: no such device: <uuid>
entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

Where <uuid> is the UUID of /dev/sdc1. When it happens, it goes away if I press Ctrl+Alt+Del and go into my BIOS's boot menu and choose /dev/sda to boot from.

The intermittent behavior and the fact that it goes away only through that method (i.e. reinstalling GRUB to /dev/sda as other Ask Ubuntu answers recommend does not help) makes me think this is unrelated to the dozens of other AU questions about the same error message. What can I do to resolve this?

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See if there are any differences between rebooting and booting from off. It seems like your HDD or SSD is either not powering on/mounting in time, or somehow managed by the BIOS. –  Mr.Lee Mar 23 at 16:53
The issue appears to happen 100% of the time from a cold boot, but again, can be sidestepped by forcing a boot device from the BIOS menu. –  sigmabeta Mar 31 at 12:41
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