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I just filed a bug on launchpad, for which I have been asked to submit the output of:

 apport-collect 1296270

However, when I run this command, I get the following output:

ERROR: connecting to Launchpad failed: [Errno 113] No route to host
You can reset the credentials by removing the file "/home/jobin/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials"

However, I have checked that my internet connection is working fine. It may be noted that I am behind a proxy server that requires authentication to access internet and have set the proxy settings in /etc/environment and in my ~/.bashrc file.

I have verified that the settings are reflecting on the terminal using echo $http_proxy and echo $https_proxy. I can also successfully use traceroute in 17 ms.

How do I solve this, to successfully run apport-collect <bug_no>? Is it a bug or is there a wordaround?

P.S.: I could confirm that I can run apport-collect <bug_no> and submit the results to launchpad on a system not behind manual proxy.

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