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I am using XUbuntu 12.04 and I want to be sure my home directory is encrypted. I have .ecryptfs in my home directory and other positive signs of encryption and had selected it during installation. But When I boot up computer and login as root in the console 1 without logging into my actual account, and try cd /home/myusername/ I can see all the files? Is this correct behaviour since the home directory will be mounted only when I login as 'myusername' or does root has access to all encrypted home directories?

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Easy! Just use the ecryptfs-verify command.

For instance:

ecryptfs-verify -h

Full disclosure: I am the co-author and co-maintainer of eCryptfs, and happened to write the ecryptfs-verify tool, too ;-)

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Wow...the moment when the author answers your doubt!! Thanks a lot! And another doubt, how difficult is it for someone to crack it? – MYNE Mar 27 '14 at 12:26

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