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I am trying to solve this GitHub issue (Vaprobash). (If you got Vagrant setup then you could try it out yourself and see the error in more detail.)

The script I am using can be found here: on github. It's based on the official installation guide found here, only with 2 added configuration for setting a password of choice.

I also tried installing it manually by fallowing the official guide, but that gave me the same result.

So far I tried a "solution" given here on another Askubuntu Question. It suggested running sudo apt-get purge mysql* mariadb*, but this didn't help either (I ran this before fallowing the official installation guide).

Does anyone got a idea what's going on? I can post the error's here, but I rather refer you to the GitHub issue.

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Open a terminal and issue the following commands:

apt-get purge mysql* mariadb*

apt-get install mariadb-client-10.0

apt-get install mariadb-server-10.0


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This issue was eventually resolved by it self, probably by the MariaDB team. But I guess for future reference it's nice to have the above answer here as well. I will accept it as the answer, although it wasn't one for me. – Ilyes512 Jun 15 '14 at 0:58

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