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I have windows 7 as base Operating system , and i have installed Ubuntu 13.10 on it.After some days my windows 7 get corrupted & i installed another window 7 but when i am starting the computer there is still an option for Ubuntu(boot manager), when i select it is not working(obviously due to data loss)as i installed Ubuntu in partition in which window 7 is present if i format the C(drive) as usual all data will be lost & i lost ubuntu also but the problem is that option how can i trouble shoot that problem,so please tell me how to remove the option for it to install another copy of Ubuntu. Thank you in anticipation.

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  1. I would recommend that you backup your important data in C:\ to another partition. (If you have 3 partitions, it would be the third partition. If only 2, the second partition).

  2. Then reinstall Windows 7 on C:\.

  3. Move back the important data to the initial location (in your case, it would be C:\), then format the duplicate Window 7 partition.

  4. Reinstall Ubuntu to initial location. Ubuntu will install boot manager (grub).

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