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Is it possible that if I have this:


Can I delete folder2 but keep its content?

So the result would look like:

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I think that you don't need to actually delete something... just move it away.

mv  /folder1/folder2/*  /folder1/
rmdir /folder1/folder2/

First command moves the contents to parent directory and the second removed the directory if it's empty. This won't move hidden/dot files. If you want also to move hidden files you would need:

mv  /folder1/folder2/{*,.*}  /folder1/
rmdir /folder1/folder2/

or use dotglob option in bash. If you don't have dot files it would lead to no matches found: dir1/dir2/.* in bash and the command would fail. Also you can ignore the:

mv: cannot move ‘folder1/folder2/..’ to ‘folder1/..’: Device or resource busy

errors since bash passes . and .. to mv.

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cd /folder1/folder2/
mv * ../
cd ../

Now check the contents of the folder:


Then use this command to delete the directory. It is completely safe since it will only delete empty directories:

rmdir folder2/
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