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Hello. If the system has several mounted devices - they will all be displayed on the launcher panel, but without captions (titles?). It make difficult to know which icon is responsible for a which drive. Only tip can help, but it shows a very long time.

Maybe there's a way to include displaying the disk label on launcher panel? Thanks.

p.s. Sorry, please, for my bad English. I just learn it and accept any corrections ;)

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I am not sure about this, but it seems to me that the Unity default behavior is to display tooltips for launcher icons without a delay. It is being taken into consideration about introducing a delay for this.

Could you let us know of the ubuntu-version you are using? Perhaps the unity interface in 10.10 netbook edition used a delay.

Also update your computer (sudo apt-get update) as well.

As for the overlay thought, I do not think this is supported

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Hello. Thank you for reply. Tips appear without delay, but if mounted devices are many and they are all connected at different times - it is not convenient to direct the cursor on each icon. It takes a long time. My version of ubuntu is 11.04 – jam May 19 '11 at 17:55

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