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I have Edit > Preferences > Documents > (check) Restore last view settings when reopening documents.

Some pdf files, lets say I am viewing page 52, after I close the file and open the file again, it takes me right to page 52.

Some pdf files, lets say I am viewing page 38, after I close the file and open it again, it starts from page 1.

Any idea how I can fix this for those files that don't remember my last page view.

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Here's what I did that fixed the strange behaviour.

  • I opened the pdf that always starts on the first page.
  • Do File > Save As - choose a new file name.
  • save the file.

After doing the above, I see that the newly saved file behaves in a more predictable way. Scroll to any page. Close the file. Then when you open the file, it takes you straight to where you left off.

Hope this helps. - Cheers.

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