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I am trying to execute this script with Python3

Using this command:

python3 /media/trunk/SOUNDS/itunes/itunes2rhythm-master/itunes2rhythm.py

I am getting the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/media/trunk/SOUNDS/itunes/itunes2rhythm-master/itunes2rhythm.py", line 285, in <module>
exec(open(sys.argv[0][:-2]+"conf").read(), cfg)
File "<string>", line 20
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Could someone explain what needs to be done to execute this script properly?

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Just edit your itunes2rhythm.conf file to remove the extra quotes:


It should be:


in order to exec this line with Python.

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that really helped, i think im almost there, but got another error: Unknown drive: localhost/C: –  Kalamalka Kid Mar 20 at 21:59
wait i see it now inside the lybrary XML file. there are a few occurances. How should I modify these? –  Kalamalka Kid Mar 20 at 22:10
I think you have to modify the driveMapping value of your config file as well –  Sylvain Pineau Mar 20 at 22:13
I have done the drive mapping in the config file, the problem is that now i am getting endless errors because all the links inside the Library file point to old destinations. do I have to manually type each one of those out? –  Kalamalka Kid Mar 20 at 22:17
May I suggest to start a new question including the content of both your xml and the config file? You can use pastebin.ubuntu.com to copy those files and just give the links in your next question. –  Sylvain Pineau Mar 20 at 22:21
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