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I have a .dav file from a CCTV system. It doesn't play in most video players, but it does play successfully in the default Videos/Totem application in Ubuntu 13.10.

I need it to play in other video players (probably as some type of mp4) and so was planning on using ffmpeg to convert it. However, ffmpeg (or at least WinFF, which I think should do everything ffmpeg can do?) cannot identify it as a video.

I assume this must be some codec funkiness, but what does Videos use for codecs that ffmpeg wouldn't? In the video information in Videos, it details the codec as being "N/A". Ditto for the audio codec.

How can I:

  1. identify what is allowing the video to play in Videos
  2. use that information to convert it to a normal file type that a normal person could use?
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I would be interested to see this file as I cannot find any to download on the Internet. Can you post it in a free file sharing site? –  andrew.46 Jun 1 '14 at 7:21

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