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I downloaded a game called Final Core and it is a zip file that I don't know how to open. if anybody knows please help, Thanks

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In the GUI of Nautilius, simply double-click. It may ask you to install some packages, but it will guide you through that.

In the console, make sure you have the zip package installed. (Try running zip)

If it works:

  1. cd /path/to/the/zip/
  2. mkdir extract (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED)
  3. mv extract/ (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED) (Needed if above was run)
  4. cd extract/ (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED) (Needed if above was run)
  5. unzip
  6. Open Nautilus/whatever and browse to that folder
  7. ???
  8. Profit.

If zip DOESN'T work:

  1. sudo apt-get install zip
  2. Proceed from steps above, or Nautilus.
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@Danatela Thanks! =] – Kaz Wolfe Mar 20 '14 at 6:17

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