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System works more or less fine, but stucks from time to time. I've tried to detect using iotop it and it seems that disk io is the bottleneck.

chrome and jbd2 keep writing to disk all the time, but load not more than 5-15% of IO

From time to time (more than once an hour) processes with names like --render-print-preview .. or --extension .. or dropbox \fataldb or chrome --no-startup-window load > 99% of IO for a few seconds and during that time system is totally unresponsive - it just stucks so hard that I can't even open console and tty1 (Ctr-Alt-1) .

Any ideas of why it can behave like this? Thanks.

update: it seem that those 99% load is 3-5Mb/s that seems quite little. However, tests like hdpram and dd -if=/dev/sda -of=/dev/null show read speed at about 70Mb/s - and that's normal. May be the thing is that they are sequential.

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Try adding the output of sudo iotop -n 1 |head to your question, so people can see what's going on. Fair chance there is another process causing the writing, and jdb2 is just handling that. See also and – naught101 Apr 8 '14 at 4:13

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