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I want to show my images, is there any good application for image slideshow that has many transition effects?

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Have you tried Shotwell (it is default in Ubuntu)?

And there is F-spot Photo Manager Click to install enter image description here

F-Spot is a full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop. It simplifies digital photography by providing intuitive tools to help you share, touch-up, find and organize your images. It allows for importing of your existing photo collections, tagging photos with identifiers, as well as doing simple edits of photos (e.g. rotating).

And There is Picasa : Picasa Very well known and great image Application. Picasa slide show:enter image description here

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The link for Picasa is broken, as Google is no longer supporting it. – Mateo Aug 14 '12 at 0:48
No longer supporting on Linux (see here). Alternatives here. You should also be able to run it under Wine - the stuff here may help there. – Wilf Mar 1 '15 at 14:30

Take a look at Imagination. Its a DVD slide show maker featuring 69 transitions. I installed it from

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Nice one! Was gonna suggest it myself :)! – RolandiXor May 18 '11 at 22:54

For Ubuntu (or Linux, in general) there are:

  • OpenShot Video Editor
  • Imagination video editor
  • PhotoFilmStrip
  • Avidemux

And others. You can get ALL of them if you install a Linux distribution called "ARTISTX" (Version 1.5 liveDVD download from developer site).

There are a good number of transitions and they are VISUAL so no need deep knowledge of Linux or the use of command line. Pay special attention to OpenShot Video Editor and Imagination.This last one is FRAGILE but I am sure you will manage it.

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Hi and welcome to AskUbuntu! Note I think you can install all of those packages on Ubuntu, you don't need to install another distro (which looks like a Ubuntu derivative anyway). Also most of these seem to be video editors, which aren't just there to make image slideshows... – Wilf Mar 1 '15 at 14:27
Of course you can install such programs one by one! But, if you wish various programs to make your videos and slide shows its better to install ARTISTX and is IS an UBUNTU variant! IMAGINATION IS a SLIDE SHOW program with a varity of transitions and VERY EASY do operate! But, as NOTHING is perfect it is FRAGILE!But, I am sure you (or anybody) can manage it all right! – user387530 Mar 13 '15 at 1:12

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