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Coming from the Windows world, I am used to being about to change the "View" when viewing files, to show Thumbnails of pictures for instance or to just show file names and details like size and location.

(There are a few Similar Questions to this, but none that I've looked at actually answer the question.)

So far (this is Day 2 back on Ubuntu after a long hiatus) I am not finding a way to see large thumbnails when looking at a lot of pictures for instance. I get small thumbnails, but they are too small to discern which picture is which.

Furthermore, when trying to upload a number of photos to a site (for instance an ad to Craigslist), I don't get any thumbnail/previews at all. Just file names. Which makes managing photos impossible. I had to switch back to Windows in order to find and upload photos to my ads.

Reading a bit further in the Similar Questions, it appears that what I am after simply doesn't exist in Ubuntu. Is that so? (If so, it's a fairly major deficiency I would say.)

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