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Is there any PowerPoint alternative? I'm not looking for just a viewer but also a presentation maker.

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LibreOffice Impress – 2707974 Mar 19 '14 at 11:36

Well, There are many programs to make Presentation:

you can also use

Google Docs (Web: Free)

Google Docs Updates Presentations With Real-Time Collaboration, New Themes, Transitions and More Google Docs has rolled out a new version of its presentations tool with over 50 new features, including, simultaneous editing, a series of new slide… Read… Google Docs' presentations module used to be fairly lackluster, but they've updated it recently to make it more compatible with people coming over from Microsoft Office, or people who want a more robust presentations tool.

Beamer (LaTeX) (Windows/Mac/Linux: Free)

If you're a fan of LaTeX, or just remember having to apply it for your graduate thesis, you'll love Beamer. Where other presentation tools give you a GUI where you drag in elements you want to use like images and video and then tweak text boxes to include the information you want on screen, Beamer requires you to build your presentation in a custom markup language that works for just about any LaTeX document.

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Impress is a truly outstanding tool for creating effective multimedia presentations. Presentation edition and creation is flexible, thanks to different editing and view modes

OpenLaszlo is an open source development platform for web applications. It's main target today is generating macromedia flash files (swf)and AJAX/DHTML for use on web pages and sites.

KPresenter is the open source presentations part of the KOffice suite. Excellent for combining text and graphics into slides either for on-screen presentation and handouts.

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First hit would be LibreOffice Impress.

Web based (but quite good for some purposes) - Prezi

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LibreOffice Impress

Use LibreOffice Impress for create a presentation, it's an default presentation program for Ubuntu.

Google Presentation

Google's web application is used to create presentations.

NEW !! Microsoft PowerPoint online

Now microsoft office opened on the web !!! Visit this site for PowerPoint online


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