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I installed Infinality patches for Freetype font renderer on my Ubuntu 13.10 system.

I wanted to emulate Windows fonts. I tried a few pre-defined themes (Win7 and OSX2) in infctl.sh. It really changed my font rendering, but theme itself was not the thing I needed. OSX2 theme was the most similar to Windows, but I wanted to make letters darker.

For the fine tuning of font rendering, I changed the settings in /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh. I changed the filtering parameters, restarted my system - and nothing happened. The environment variables are exported correctly, but Infinality does not see them.

How can this be fixed?

P.S. My dark font settings and printenv are here.

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Heh, here was the answer: the freetype was not patched. stackoverflow.com/a/22540156/2726900 –  Felix Mar 20 '14 at 18:24

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