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I have an external sound card(DAC) that I use for my sound output. It works great in Ubuntu 12.04, the only issue I've found is Ubuntu doesn't register me plugging in headphones into the jack on the card, it continues to play 5.1 out through my speakers until I switch manually in the sound settings to analog stereo. Sorta inconvenient, though I'm guessing stemming from the cards manufacturer not really supporting their proprietary drivers.

Is there anyway for me to get this feature to work? It is a feature of the card, I've used it with windows and it automatically (well most of the time, some hiccups) would switch. I do have onboard audio, though I'd rather not use it.

The DAC is Creative Studio Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 surround sound Pro.

I know the drivers are included in ALSA on installation of Ubuntu, so I suppose it's an ALSA related issue as well.

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