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I have backups up everything, but I'm still uneasy about the process and would like confirmation. I'd rather do this one time correctly.

I want to shrink /dev/sda6/ by 200GB and reallocate it to /dev/sda2.

I boot a LiveCD and turn off LinuxSwap (locked otherwise). I've been reading that it is very hard to move "left" when partitioning and other AskUbuntu threads are confusing me. Do I need to resize /dev/sda6 by 200GB "preceding" (rather than "following"), and then resize /dev/sda4 by 200GB?

A little guidance would ease my nerves of messing everything up. Thank you ahead of time.

Screenshot of GParted

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Here's the outline of what you should do:

  1. Unmount the devices/partitions concerned;
  2. Shrink the logical partition /dev/sda6 by the amount you want i.e. 200 GB (right click the partition, select resize/move and drag the slider to right creating the unallocated space to the left of sda6), and then move sda5 to right over the unallocated space so that the entire free space will lie to left of sda5;
  3. Shrink the extended partition /dev/sda4 creating free space immediately next to sda3;
  4. Move /dev/sda3 towards right so that the entire 200 GB unallocated space would now lie next to /dev/sda2 (Note: moving /boot may result in boot failure, and in that case you'd boot-repair disk can be handy.);
  5. Resize /dev/sda2 to cover the unallocated space;
  6. Apply all operations, and wait patiently till the tasks are completed!
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Worked like a charm, thank you. Grub loaded and ChkDsk is ran when you boot into Windows. One thing: Had to move sda6 and then sda5 to the right before moving sda4. – gpops Mar 19 '14 at 12:29
Good to know the problem's solved.. and thanks for the feedback, forgot to mention you can't move extended partition itself but the logical partitions within and then you'd shrink.. – precise Mar 19 '14 at 14:15

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