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When I run gedit as the default user, I get the Warning message show below.
I don't get the message when it is run by another user, nor when started via 'gksu', nor when running in a VM. I have set up IBUS the same in all environments (as far as I can tell)....

(gedit:28053): IBUS-WARNING **: Connect to unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-U43rnhCqtH,guid=112b21bfd200d3fff7d683984dd22426 failed: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-U43rnhCqtH: Connection refused.

I've disabled all the plugins...

I realize it is a "warning", but warnings are issued for just that: a warning ... but I don't understand what I am being warned about..

Is it saying, "Warning. Beware of the man-eating crocodiles!", or is it saying, "Warning, It may rain tomorrow." ..

I want to get rid of the cause of this message, if possible, or at least understand it.

I am using Lucid desktop 32bit

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