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When I unplug my charger from the computer, about 80% of the time, I get a low battery warning saying my computer is about to suspend (when I'm fully charged with a brand new battery. Clearly the easy fix is to just pull it out and put it back in a bunch of times until it works, but that's fairly inconvenient. I actually get great battery life once it works once.

When I check my battery stats, turns out the calculation is right but the system is reading the battery wrong. It claims the size of the battery is 4.6 Wh (it's actually 48 Wh). When I use powerstat it's saying I'm using between 1-2 W (clearly wrong). While this actually works out fine most of the time since it seems to be scaling right and it even calculates a pretty accurate time remaining, I think it might occasionally read the proper power usage (somewhere between 10-25 W according to the previous Windows installation on this computer) and calculate 4.6Wh/25W and say that the battery is about to die. I'm not sure why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't though.

I understand that versions of this question have been asked and answered before but I thought it worth re-asking for a few reasons. Most of the questions are for older versions of Ubuntu and a lot of the fixes are no longer valid (i.e. Jupiter apparently doesn't work with 13.10). Also, this is definitely a software bug as it worked fine in Windows. I'd like to be able to isolate and replicate the problem to help out the community and not just work around it like previous solutions suggest. If anyone has any suggestions about where to start, I'm reasonably proficient mucking around in the OS and willing to try to fix this and file a bug.

Technical details:
My Laptop is Toshiba L755-S5355. Running Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 fully updated (Gnome 3.8.4). Battery is a brand new but the issue was happening with the old one. Just got a new one because the capacity had faded as well. I have gnome-power-statistics installed but the problem was present with and without it.

EDIT: Instead of freaking out and plugging it back in when it tells me low battery, I checked the power stats. When I'm charging it says that I'm using 65.2W. When it says low battery, it continues to say I'm using 65.2W. When it lets me use the battery it says I'm using 1W or so. 65W seems awfully high even while charging.

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