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I have (or had) two disks in my laptop: a SSD, where I had Ubuntu installed, and a HDD, where 50% was used for Windows 8 and the other half for lvm2 used in Linux. However, unfortunately my SSD is broken (or disconnected, I have to check it), but I need to install Ubuntu on the same disk as Windows 8. The first 300MB are under System Reserved, then there is part for Windows and 50% left where lvm2 partition used to be. I erased it and set up Ubuntu on it, but unfortunately on the first boot I get an error like this link to image. After rebooting, I get an error:

error:efidisk read error.

After booting from USB and checking out the partitions, I get a surprising result like this. The right hand side of the disk should be only for Linux, but somehow there is somekind of partition on it(??).

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Bootrepair output –  Kert Mar 18 '14 at 0:40

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