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Recently, I have been using byobu and I quite like it. However, I am more of a terminator user than gnome-terminal and I want to launch byobu inside terminator instead of gnome-terminal by default. How do i do that?

edit: what i want is click the byobu icon and open byobu inside terminator instead of gnome terminal.

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Go into Terminator's Preferences > Profile > Command > Run a custom command instead of my shell and add it.

You need to F9 once it opens and set it as well.

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nice one! this is the other way but nice! – Ubuntuser May 18 '11 at 9:29
I've tried to follow your instructions but when I create another window with Terminator(Ctrl+Shift+E or Ctrl+Shift+O).. everything that I wrote show in all windows of Terminator+Byobu. ps. The Broadcasting Group feature of Terminator is off. – vhbsouza Jun 18 '11 at 1:41

Byobu reattaches the screen session. Try the command

terminator -x byobu bash

to start a new session.

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