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I'm looking for PCB software in Ubuntu. Ideally I want to design a circuit without needing it to be really specific. I cannot seem to find any software available. Any suggestions?

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Eagle is a good tool for schematics entry and PCB layout, as mentioned before. It is cross platform and works under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

However, if you use the apt-get install method, the version might not be the latest and greatest. For example, Ubuntu 12.04 repositories currently host Eagle version 5.12.0, while the latest available version for download is 6.5.0.

This is how to get the latest version:

Go to cadcoftusa download website here and download the latest version for Linux, for example this file:


Make it executable:

chmod +x

Then run the installer:


and answer all the questions as needed, for example, the directory where you want it installed. Should you want to place it in the /opt/ or other global location, you may need to prepend the installation program with sudo

Also, you can change the license options later.

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Eagle includes a layout editor, schematic editor and autorouter.

To install Eagle

sudo apt-get install eagle

PCB designer

This one seems to be more complex than eagle with better(complex) features like rats nest feature, design rule checking and industry standard RS-274-X(gerber)

To install PCB designer

sudo apt-get install pcb-gtk             #maybe pcb-lesstif too

gEDA Schematic

This one is intended to be user friendly and easy to use, similar to Eagle.

To install gEdA Schematic.

sudo apt-get install geda


This one seems to be overconfident.No info, No screenshot.But it's a PCB designer and comments/ratings are good.

To install Kicad

sudo apt-get install kicad


In it's Beta, this may not be one you would want to use professionally.But it's worth giving a try.Worth noting that it has something like Autocompletion.

To install Fritzing

sudo apt-get install fritzing

Some helpers to above

  • Gerbv gerber file viewer
  • Electric
  • Visolate

Personally, I think Eagle would best suit your needs.All of the above are Open source and free, just to mention.

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+1 for Eagle. You could also download the latest version from – elomage Mar 17 '14 at 14:13
@elomage Thanks.If you know any PPA for any of the above software which provides latest versions, do share it. – Registered User Mar 17 '14 at 14:15
Eagle installs easy without PPA (I don't know any). OK, wait, I'll add an answer showing how to install. – elomage Mar 17 '14 at 15:09
Do you have a source for Eagle being open source? From what I know, in general it's closed-source, non-free with crippled free version available. – AndrejaKo Mar 17 '14 at 18:15
  • gEDA Project (with pcb and gerbv tools)
  • KiCad
  • Fritzing

All are in Ubuntu repository.


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Eagle is a commercial closed-source product. There is a limited capability free (non-commercial use) version available, though for any non-trivial project that isn't enough. (One schematic page and 4x6 inch 2-sided PCB doesn't get you all that far.)

That said, it is quite a good product, if you can live within the limitations of the free version, or are willing to pay for the less limited commercial licenses. Among other things, defining new devices (schematic symbols and PCB footprints) is straightforward, which isn't necessarily true for other programs including some very expensive "professional" ones.

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