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I am customizing a Kubuntu distribution and I am struggling to change the text splash screen before Ubiquity starts. The screen that says "Kubuntu 13.10" with dots for the progress bar.

I understand the process for updating the Plymouth splashes, to update them.

update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/text.plymouth text.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/my_theme/text.plymouth 100
update-alternatives --config text.plymouth
update-initramfs -u

But this does not affect the Plymouth text splash before ubiquity. Obviously my knowledge is limited in how this actually works.

But digging through the ISO with ISO Master, I found a package called 'initrd.lz' in /casper/. After figuring out how to unpack it, I discovered that there are also similar Plymouth files in here. I am assuming that this is the Plymouth theme that the boot loader refers to before loading into Ubiquity. Since it has no already existing file system to refer to for the splash.

So, now that I have the files I need to edit, I edit them. But I run into a wall. I don't see how the commands that I used to update Plymouth in my file system before, can work here. It seems like the boot image gets updated when I run those commands, and I am not sure how to use the same process to update the contents of initrd.lz.

Of course, I could be way off the mark here as well, Thanks in advance for any help.

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