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I've got Ubuntu 13.10 installed on my laptop's physical drive. System can be booted as a standalone OS through NeoGrub. It's also attached to a VirtualBox machine in Windows host using a raw VMDK file. It worked perfectly until recently.

I haven't started the VM for a while, but I've been using Ubuntu on bare metal. Today I have started the VM and it booted correctly, but Unity panel and launcher were invisible. Panel's shadow is visible, though, and both panel and launcher are clickable. Here's a screenshot with the menu opened by clicking where the appropriate icon should be:

Screenshot of desktop with Power menu open and Unity windows invisible

  • I haven't changed any Unity settings recently.
  • The OS was installed on a clean partition, not upgraded from previous versions.
  • Everything is up to date.
  • VirtualBox Additions are installed.
  • I've got dedicated NVIDIA GPU, but Nouveau is blacklisted and Ubuntu is using Intel's integrated GPU when running on bare metal. No NVIDIA drivers are installed. This setup worked before.
  • All required partitions (/, /home and swap) are attached to the VM. Raw VMDKs present real partition layout to guests, so it's probably not a culprit. /home is accessible and free -m shows that swap is available.
  • All other windows show up correctly.
  • OpenGL and Unity are enabled in CCSM. Re-enabling Unity doesn't fix the problem. (suggested here)
  • Removing ~/.compiz and ~/.config/compiz-0 followed by sudo service lightdm restart didn't work too.
  • The file ~/.drirc mentioned here doesn't exist.
  • The problem appears only in the VM. Everything is fine when running on bare metal.
  • Disabling accelerated 3D in VM settings helps, but performance is terrible. I consider it a workaround, not a solution.

I recall this happened before when I was trying to run Ubuntu in a pure VM (with a virtualized hard disk image) after installing VBox Addons. It started to work later, thanks to some update I guess.

Can this problem be fixed without waiting for patches to appear?

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Strange, I suppose this also survives a reboot of the VM? – terdon Mar 15 '14 at 19:54
Yes. And the shutdown dialog (the one asking whether I want to reboot or power off) is invisible but clickable too. – gronostaj Mar 15 '14 at 19:58
I had the same problem. Try to reinstall the guest additions. worked for me. – user259484 Mar 18 '14 at 11:32
@stadtler no change. Disabling accelerated 3D in VM settings helps, but performance is awful, so I'm still looking for real solution, not a workaround. – gronostaj Mar 18 '14 at 12:39
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OK, this time I have an answer, at least for my Virtualbox installation:- The problem was with the version of "VirtualBox Guest Additions". I was running version 4.2.12. After updating my VB installation I then fired up my guest and pressed HOST+D (HOST in my case is the right CTRL key) This popped up a message asking if it was ok to install the Guest Additions. After OK'ing this the old version was replaced. On restarting the guest now displays the Panel and Launcher correctly

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It worked, thank you. Just a note: if you have older version installed from a repo, you may have to remove it before installing from VirtualBox. – gronostaj Mar 20 '14 at 21:12

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