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my ubuntu is showing me this error:

abhishek@abhishek-ThinkPad-R61:~$ youtube-dl -f worst
[youtube] Setting language
WARNING: unable to set language: nonnumeric port: 'port_no'
[youtube] QGhx-u-c5Cg: Downloading video webpage
ERROR: unable to download video webpage: nonnumeric port: 'port_no'
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you could update the utility with sudo youtube-dl -U and then check if that fixed the problem.. – precise Mar 16 '14 at 8:47

Try adding as a service in Konqueror browser the youtube-dl addon. You can find it in Konqueror - Settings - Configure Konqueror - Services, and once you get here press the Download New Services button, and look for youtube-dl or video-dl package and install it.

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How does this answer the question? How do you know OP is using Kubuntu or KDE or Konqueror? – DK Bose Mar 15 '14 at 16:21
I use Konqueror in Xubuntu right now, no big deal, and also installed it in Lubuntu in the past. It is true that Konqueror browser comes with a bunch of other packages but it works fine, and it is a fast and decent browser for any Ubuntu based distro. – Taz D. Mar 15 '14 at 17:46

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