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I have installed Ubuntu 13.01 on a new drive on my computer and all went well until I downloaded Skype for Linux. When I was asked to install it a window popped up to say "Äuthentication is required to change user data¨ and requests a password. When I type in my password it keeps telling me that the authentication was unsuccessful and I must try again. It also have a ¨details¨ tag that gives the following url under ¨Action¨ org.gnome.controlcenter.user-accounts.administration, but this apparently does not exist, but the ¨Vendor¨ http://www.gnome.org/ takes me to the Gnome site. I have reset my password and tried all the things I could read up on the web to no avail. PLEASE HELP

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Which password are you using? Skype account password or ubuntu password? –  Registered User Mar 15 at 7:49
good call Aditya Patil, this could be the simple solution! as you will notice when you use Ubuntu longer Ubuntu requires a password to install programs, and for some other tasks. you have set up this password at installation, and is the same you log in with if you have that turned on. It might seem a hassle but it helps to keep the system secure: this makes it difficult to install malicious software without you noticing. –  Wouter Mar 15 at 8:29
Thanks for your reply - no I use the password I put in when I installed ubuntu. I have now changed my password and tried to install Skype. It again aske me for authentication so I filled in the new password. The screen then said it was installing butquickly switched back to the install screen. I have also downloaded ubuntu-gnome-13.10-desktop-i386.iso butI dont really know what to do with it –  user258423 Mar 15 at 12:25

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