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I am trying to customize 12.04 disk. The process I am using is to configure the system and then convert it to ISO (Make a Live CD from Hard Disk Install). One of the requirements for the target system is that all automounted (plug-n-play) devices should be mounted as read only.

Though it is not mandatory, I would also like to have all non-root media mounted in read only mode as well (but since that would be quite complex, I am skipping that for now).

I have searched whatever I could but the only solution I found was to prevent the automount (using dconf-editor) and then manually mount as read-only drive. But that is not what is expected. Expected behaviour is to have the automount but in read-only mode.

Also, I would need to switch to 14.04 later on. If there are any differences in 14.04 in the mounting process, what are they? (I couldn't find any)

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