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php-frm crashed on us and dumped a file in /var/crash/_usr_sbin_php5-fpm.1002.crash

There is some info in that file but what I'm after is in the section called CoreDump in a base64 encoded format. How can I read what was running at the time of the crash?


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There is a tool called apport-retrace that reads the .crash files and allows you to either fill it with a fully-symbolic stack trace or run a gdb session using the core dump. To start a gdb session, run apport-retrace -g CRASHFILE.crash. Note that you need to have the -dbg packages installed to get a good stack trace.

That being said (I'm not an expert on PHP), it might actually be something that you wrote in one of your files that is causing the crash.

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Doesnt seem to work: # apport-retrace -g _usr_sbin_php5-fpm.1002.crash ERROR: report file does not contain one of the required fields: CoreDump DistroRelease Package ExecutablePath` # grep CoreDump _usr_sbin_php5-fpm.1002.crash CoreDump: base64 – user76369 Mar 17 '14 at 3:26

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