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For my kid I have installed educational application bundles: "pre-school bundle (< 5 years old)" and "primary bundle (ages 6-12)". I am running Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop on my computer.

I am able to see there are about 130 installed programs and I know that there are somewhere between these icons about 25 installed educational programs from the two bundles. Only if they are hard to find for me I can imagine they are hard to find for my kid as well. It would be nice to have a directory in "Dash Home" made upon installation containing all programs I just installed (like 'pre-school bundle' and 'primary bundle').

Now when I click "Dash Home" to browse these programs I have to find them between all installed programs. Is there a way to organize installed program-icons so they are organized and categorized to find them easily? Or is there already a way to have a good overview? I read future Ubuntu versions are more windows XP like so I have to wait for the new release?

*note, I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 for the first time so maybe I just did not look well enough and still very used to windows start menu till windows 7.

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