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I just bought a new laptop. Since Win8 is crap, I want to dualboot Win7 and Ubuntu, like I do on my Desktop. I managed to get Win7 installed (had to change boot from UEFI to Legacy and convert the GPT Partitioning to MBR), but when I try to boot into my Ubuntu Live USB stick, it hangs as soon as I press any keyboard button. I previously installed Ubuntu on my Desktop using that exact stick, the boot image was downloaded directly from Ubuntu and I created the stick using Unetbootin. My machine boots into the selection screen, where I can choose to install Ubuntu, try it without installing, etc, but when I press any button, the timer at the bottom freezes. When I let the timer count to 0, a flashing underscore appears below, but nothing else happens. I have to shutdown the computer manually in both cases.

Has anyone an idea what the problem might be or successfully installed Ubuntu on this machine?

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